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4 jewelry tips for an awesome winter

September 20, 2019 2 min read

4 jewelry tips for an awesome winter

Fashion changes with the seasons. When it becomes cooler, we bundle up to get warm. It’s in our nature to do so. But when it comes to choosing the right style in the winter, there’s a lot more to consider. Below are 4 tips to help you stay on-trend in long winter days.

#1. Layer pairs with layer

On a cold, gray day, who doesn’t love dressing up a bit to feel more cheerful? Bundling up in layers lets you get creative with various textures and even fun combinations. Let your jewelry match with the layering style in the winter.

Rings – It’s winter. It’s time to be bold. Pick one large or multiple small rings and wear them on a single finger. You’re all set to stand out.

Aztec Jaguar Warrior Ring

Necklaces – Say goodbye for necklaces that are short in length, for now. You need a piece that really pops out. A medium or long necklace will do the trick.

Equilibrium Wolves Necklace

Bracelets – Layer goes with layer. Go with multiple pieces. You will be amazed by the outcome of this.

Dragon's Claw Leather Bracelet

#2. Gray is nice. But what about other colors?

We all know that gray is a go-to color during the dull winter months. But going all gray is a bit plain and boring. Spice up your winter days with some bold colors in the jewelry. Keep the outfit as decent as you like, and pick a bold color for your jewelry. Best way to get away with freezing days!

Life Enhancer Bracelet Set 2pcs

#3. The bigger the better

Big and comfy coat. Large boots with extra fur inside. Aren’t those what we really want in the winter? Yes! But small and thin accessories, as well as jewelry, usually get lost in all those enormous things. The tip here is to wear one but rather big piece to make a statement about your style.

Viking Raid Ring

#4. Winter… or should we say festive season?

Festive season. Grand food dining, family meet up, and parties. What is a better occasion to wear faith jewelry than now? Connect with more people by expressing your faith through your jewelry.

Savior Bracelet Set 3pcs

Choosing the right jewelry for winter is a hard decision to make. Be sure to keep these 4 tips in mind. Hope you have an awesome winter ahead. Stay warm and happy, from all of us at Man’s Manor.

Annie Do
Annie Do

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