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Voguish Double Bracelets

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The modest don’t thrive, only the bold survived.

The Voguish Bracelets have been given a fashionable twist by combining a beaded bracelet with a leather bracelet. Come in double-layered design, these bracelets create a stylist impact to your style.

Enhance the gentleman in you by this finely crafted beaded piece. Made of Tiger's Eye Stone, each beads harness you the power of bravery. Then end your look with a little wildness comes from the braided leather bracelet. Each knots of the item is skillfully braided with genuine leather.

Left behind plain outfits, wear this now to leverage your fashion sense into the next level.

  • Materials: Tiger's Eye Stone, Genuine Leather
  • Length: from 16.5cm (6.5in) to 21.5cm (8.5in)
  • 2 pieces per set.